Our Story



Naan Stop Kabob is new to Hercules but our crew has been serving the Bay Area for the past 20 years. 

Naan Stop Kabob is a culmination of the hard work and effort put forth by a Father and Son team. You may remember us from Tandoor Restaurant in Pinole, Roti Boti in Fairfield, and Anarkali in Concord. 

We are pleased to be apart of the community and have the opportunity to serve you again!


We created Naan Stop Kabob with a vision to become a hub that connects our community through delicious food. A crossroad at the heart of the Spice Route where people of diverse cultures and languages meet to celebrate a world of flavours and a legacy of homemade recipes.

One probably thinks of spices simply as flavoring for food. Yet, the word “spice” comes from the Latin spices, which means an item of special value. To us at Naan Stop Kabob, our food is of special value. We carefully source our fresh ingredients and produce from local markets. Passionately craft recipes to trigger nostalgic images of our childhood. Marinate our fresh, antibiotic free, halal meat with exotic spices of the East to instil the authentic flavors of home. We like to think of our menu as an artist’s canvas, painting a flavorful masterpiece by skillfully mixing aroma and freshness to bring priceless moments of joy in every bite.

Food & hospitality for us has been an adventure for the past 15 years. We take great pleasure in inviting you to discover our rich culinary heritage that has developed throughout many centuries. We are thrilled to offer an experience though everyone's most common interest - FOOD :-)

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